Who am I?

My name is Kamil Zawalich, I was born in 1990 in Olsztyn (Poland).

I translate technical contents beside my function of a development engineer in one of the leading automotive suppliers in south-west Germany. My job consists in the virtual feasibility, loading and fatigue testing of the car components made of sheet metal by means of the Finite Element Method.

I have a Bachelor and Master degree in industrial engineering, with a specialisation in lean management and energy. I did both study courses in German language, but my Bachelor Thesis was voluntarily done in English. During my Bachelor course I could gain international experience in Mexico and Spain, developing my skills in technical and business Spanish.

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Professional career

03.2015 - presentRenchen-Ulm, Germany
Development engineer - FEM simulation
Working languages: German, English
09.2014 - 02.2015
Renchen-Ulm, Germany
Master Thesis in the Development department
Written in German
10.2013 - 08.2014Renchen-Ulm, Germany
Student employee - development of brake system components
Working language: German
03.2013 - 08.2013Nuremberg, Germany
Bachelor Thesis - development of exhaust gas system components
Written in English
02.2012 - 08.2012Aranjuez, Spain
Internship in Sales Department
Working languages: Spanish, German, English

Why do I translate technical contents?

Technical texts are written in a specific style with a vocabulary that is usually unknown for people without technical education, experience or at least interest, even if it is their native language.

During my practically orientated Bachelor and Master courses as well as in my professional life I have been able to collect the experience, which is neseccary to understand and create technical texts in German, English and Spanish. Polish is my native language. A broad range of topics I have already dealt with makes me ready to cooperate also in the area of science, business and economy.

Academic education and career

03.2010 - 08.2014Hochschule Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
Tutor in mathematics and mechanics
09.2013 - 02.2015Hochschule Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
Master course - industrial engineering
Specialisation: lean management, energy management
08.2011 - 12.2011Universidad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Student exchange - Bachelor course in marketing
Lecture languages: Spanish, English
03.2010 - 08.2013Hochschule Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor course - industrial engineering
Specialisation: industrial production

What is your benefit?

I personally translate all the texts you give me – I don’t delegate them to third parties, so that your data is not unnecesarily passed on to others. That’s also why I can guarantee a constant high quality of my services – I sign every translation with my own name.

If there are change requests regarding content or style, I can react quickly on your requirements. If asked, I can also offer my support editing the source text making it unambiguous and better understandable and then get back to the translation.

Contact with me is as simple as it can be – if you write or call Kamil Translate, you contact me directly. All details of the work are discussed with me personally, so that no information gets lost while passing it on.

Kamil Translate knows no compromise regarding quality and precision – it’s my priority in every order!


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05.2015Event:EuroBrake 2015
Title:Design Optimisation Of Brake Pistons In Terms Of Weight, Volume Absorption And Manufacturing Technology For High-volume Production - A Comprising Approach
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