Technical and business translations

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The direction of translation makes no difference – I make it from any to any of them!

Technical contents have to be written with an extraordinary care, comprehension and precision. The requirements regarding accuracy and clarity of the texts are particularly high – a well done technical document helps not only increasing the benefits, but in some cases it can even save lifes!

Exactly the same requirements apply for technical translations. Despite a number of software applications offering better and better quality of translations for everyday life, sufficient quality for technical contents cannot be guaranteed.

I’m aware that technical translations are high-tech products and treat them with an appropriate attention. Basing on my international professional experience I’m able to understand all the details of the text and write it in another language, taking into account the correct meaning of the words and expressions in the given context. My translations are 100% human-made – no support of translation software!

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Kamil Zawalich